Hip Joint Treatment for Active Patients Post Surgical Care

Check with your doctor and hospital about what you will need. Generally you will be provided with the following equipment or need to obtain them from a home health equipment store.

In most cases these devices will be needed for the first six weeks to help avoid the risk of dislocation before the hip capsule heals. Some of these devices may be helpful before surgery to make life with your pain control less painful. I bought a reacher about a year before surgery and it helped a lot.

  • Long-handled reacher.
    This is to allow you to pick things up from the floor and pull up pants without bending at the waist more than 90 degrees.
  • Sock tool.
    This device allows you to put on your socks without reaching down to your feet. The sock slides over the tool which is then pulled up using the ropes.
  • Long-handled shoehorn.
    As the name implies, this device allows you to slip on shoes without reaching low.
  • Long-handled sponge.
    Allows you to wash below your knees without bending more than 90 degrees.
  • Elevated toilet seat.
    Allows sitting on the toilet without having your knees above your hips.

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