Lose weight using smart fat burning principles.

Many people have heard about a fat burning diet but do not know exactly what it means to lose fat.  When it comes to dieting many people are still caught up in an old fashioned attempt to lose weight.  A fat burning diet concentrates on eating foods that are known to burn actual body fat tissue.  Whereas a typical fad diet causes dieters to lose weight which is not difficult as the body consists of over 75% water and can greatly fluctuate.

First of all, fat burning is a result of ridding the body of actual fat tissue with no loss of water or muscle tissue.  To lose weight is a result of losing water and muscle tissue with little to no loss of fat tissue.  Unfortunately, many people do not even seem to know that there is a difference between fat burning and losing weight.  This lack of knowledge between how to lose weight and how to lose fat is one of many reasons the weight loss industry continues to sell useless diets.

One of the many reasons that fat burning is misunderstood is as a result of the weight loss industry constantly telling lies to and confusing the general public.  Lies such as tricking dieters in to believing that they will lose fat on a particular diet when they can only lose weight.  Diets known for their ability to burn fat include the Caveman Diet, the Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet and the Fat Burning Diet.  Diets known for their ability to allow users to lose weight include Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Richard Simmons, Body Solutions and the 48 Hour Miracle Diet.

Why would anybody in their right mind use a diet program such as Weight Watchers in an attempt at fat burning without taking HIIT classes Greenwich?  I mean how likely is it to more than simply lose weight on a diet that sounds like you are “watching your weight”?  On the other hand there are many people who do know the difference between fat burning and losing weight but do not care enough to make an effort to actually burn fat.  In other words, many people choose to lose weight instead of fat because it takes less effort and if you disagree try sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes and see how easy it is to lose 10-15 pounds of water weight.

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